A Discussion on Patient Navigation in the Brazilian Context

May 27, 2020/by Lindsay Krush

A Collaborative Approach to Tackling Gynecological Cancer in Colombia: The G-CIGO Group.

May 26, 2020/by admin

Expanding Patient Navigation throughout Brazil

December 13, 2019/by admin

Access to Radiotherapy in Brazil: Long Wait Times for Treatment

November 13, 2019/by admin

Congratulations to GCI’s Patient Navigation team in Rio!

May 23, 2019/by admin

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018

October 26, 2018/by Sarah Lincoln

Venezuela: The Absence of Healthcare Amidst Economic and Political Chaos

August 28, 2018/by Sarah Lincoln

Meet Our Patient Navigation Team in Belo Horizonte

August 17, 2018/by Sarah Lincoln

A Different Kind of Opioid Crisis

August 15, 2018/by Sarah Lincoln

India: Defying the Global Cancer Trend

July 31, 2018/by Sarah Lincoln

Joven & Fuerte: Pilot Program Provides Care to Young Breast Cancer Patients in Latin America

August 1, 2017/by Phoebe Howe

The Road Jess Traveled: a farewell/thank you to Jessica St. Louis

July 18, 2017/by Phoebe Howe
Alexandra Bukowski

See you later, Allie-gator! A farewell/thank you to long-time GCI team member Allie Bukowski

June 27, 2017/by Phoebe Howe

HPV vaccination in LA: Barriers and Potential Solutions

June 23, 2017/by Phoebe Howe

Preventing HPV: vaccine uptake and adherence in Latin America

June 20, 2017/by Phoebe Howe

GCI at ASCO: sharing our innovations in the Windy City

June 12, 2017/by Phoebe Howe

7 Potential Solutions to the Problem of High-Cost Cancer Drugs in Latin America

June 8, 2017/by Phoebe Howe
Doctor provides chemotherapy

The Problem of High-Cost Cancer Drugs in Latin America

April 28, 2017/by Alexandra Bukowski
World Cancer Day

For World Cancer Day, Let’s Set Our Sights Beyond U.S. Borders

February 4, 2017/by Dr. Paul Goss
SABCS 2016 Mexico Team

Young Women with Breast Cancer: New Data Reveals Important Trends

February 3, 2017/by Alexandra Bukowski
Eduardo global cancer fellowship

Dr. Eduardo Paulino Discusses His Global Cancer Fellowship

February 2, 2017/by Alexandra Bukowski
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Map

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Global Perspective

October 14, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
End-of-life care in Latin America

End-of-Life Care in Latin America

September 15, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Health for ndigenous populations

Cancer care for indigenous populations in Latin America

August 16, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Global Tumor Boards Map

Mapping Our Global Tumor Boards

August 3, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Rio de Janeiro

A ray of hope from Rio: Patient navigation for breast cancer patients

July 27, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
ASCO 2016

Extended use of aromatase inhibitors for breast cancer therapy is both beneficial and accessible

June 20, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Patient navigator helping patients in Mexico

Meet Wendy, Mexico City’s First GCI Patient Navigator

May 26, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Breast Club meeting in Brazil

Bringing Patient Navigation to a Breast Cancer Club in Brazil

May 17, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Patient navigation team in Uruguay

Help Us Build Our Facebook Community

May 12, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Patient navigation success story, Juana

Patient Navigation Success Story: Juana

May 4, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Patient navigators attend a training in Uruguay

5 Ways Patient Navigators Are Helping Women in Uruguay

April 27, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Line aorund the hospital to complete patient registration

Why Do LMICs Need National Cancer Control Plans?

April 22, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Brazilian Paw-Paw fruit, or guanabana

Connecting Cancer Control and Culture

April 17, 2016/by Sarah Hamad
Health workers discuss breast cancer database

How a Breast Cancer Database Helps Young Women Around the World

April 6, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Navigator uses Google technology on tablet

Accessible Technology Platform Connects Global Doctors

April 1, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
GCI Fellows Rossana and Abraham with Dr. Goss

Dr. Rossana Ruiz Discusses Her Global Cancer Fellowship

March 31, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski

How Fragmented Health Systems Hurt Patients

March 24, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Doctor and patient

Genetic Profiling for Cancer Patients in LMICs

March 17, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Community health program

Cervical Cancer Control in Latin America

March 14, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski
Mexico City team

Launching a Patient Navigation Program in Mexico City

March 11, 2016/by Alexandra Bukowski

Global Tumor Boards Connect Doctors to Improve Patient Care

February 24, 2016/by Jessica St. Louis
Dr. Goss and Fellows

From the Desk of Dr. Paul Goss: Welcome to GCI

February 4, 2016/by Dr. Paul Goss