Expanding Patient Navigation throughout Brazil

December 13, 2019 / in Global / by Lindsay Krush

Our amazing patient navigation team in Rio de Janeiro, led by Dr. Sandra Gioia, recently began plans to expand navigation throughout the region. As a first step, Dr. Gioia gathered 40 participates in Fortaleza to discuss the future navigation plans and educate other on the navigation process.

The expansion of patient navigation is collaboration between Ceará’s health leaders in primary, secondary, and tertiary care with local NGOs, such as Nossa Casa, Geeon and Rede Mama. The program looks to navigate at least 70% of patients recruited to confirm diagnosis within 30 days (after clinical or imaging examination of suspected breasts) and treatment within 60 days after breast cancer diagnosis .

During the three-day training from December 3rd to December 5th, Dr. Gioia explained the importance of the program, the responsibilities of a navigator, and our impressive result. The program is tentatively scheduled to being in March 2020.

  • Training Day One with Ceará’s health leaders in primary, secondary and tertiary care.

  • Discussion about the journey of patient with breast cancer patient in Ceará.

  • PNP Ceará presentation to local NGOs.

  • Ana Lucia from Rede Mama.

  • PNP Ceará training closure, thank you everyone for a great training!

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