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Patient navigation team in Uruguay

We want you to be part of our global family by liking our Facebook page! We at GCI operate with a mission to improve the survival and quality of life of underserved cancer patients worldwide, and we cannot do it alone. We do it with the help of every single one of our collaborators. If you Like us on Facebook, you too will become one of those collaborators, sharing your ideas, your experiences, and your passions. Please join our global family and contribute to work that is helping cancer patients all over the world – it all starts with a “Like”!  

We want to create an interactive online community, so you can help us become bigger, better, and more impactful, leading to a world where every patient can have access to the cancer care he or she needs. Everyone has something they can share with us:

Patient caregiver in Brazil

Patients: What are your struggles, your victories?

Survivors: How can we help make more cancer “patients” into cancer “survivors” around the world?

Caregivers: How can we be more like you?

Patient advocates: What do you do to advocate for patients?

Students: What are you learning, and how does it coincide with our work?

Doctors: How would you like to be involved in our projects?

YOU: Every single person has a unique set of experiences and skills and brings something different to the table. Do you work in marketing, business, tech, education, policy? How can we work with you and incorporate your skills into our projects?

We want to share with you all of the projects we are doing to help underserved cancer patients around the world, and we want you to share your insights and experiences with us. Our Facebook group is how we will accomplish this by connecting our global community within one forum where all of your voices can be heard. Please give us a Like, and share with your friends and family to spread the word!

Patient with doctor in Buenos Aires
Doctors from Bulgaria at a tumor board

Disclaimer: GCI does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.